Jan 28, 2023

Using Technology in Education: The Main Safety Concerns

  • By Samatha Drake,

Students benefit from technology because it gives them fast access to information, rapid learning, and engaging ways to apply what they have learned. Increased lesson plan flexibility, access to resources outside of the classroom, and greater teacher-student engagement are all possible with technology in the classroom.

Students and teachers can tailor applications and features on educational tablets to guarantee that learning and instruction are carried out to their best abilities.

The ability to customize educational technology is a significant component in its rising acceptance rate, but it can also lead to safety flaws if security is not adequately implemented.

There are a few main security issues to consider when implementing technology in the classroom, as listed below.

Services for Maintenance and End-of-Life Cycle Management

Educational tablets are prone to cracking screens and other problems requiring simple repairs. As well as an unavoidable repair cycle, districts will inevitably need to update to new devices or upgrade past devices.

Once educational technology has reached this stage, effective data erasure is essential to secure the identity of students and educators.

Insufficient data disposal can result in remnant data that can identify a previous user.

Academic institutions and educators should partner with a licensed IT asset management and refurbishment business that uses data destruction that meets industry standards to verify that all data on educational tablets is completely deleted.


Procrastination is, obviously, one of the most common problems that we all face from time to time. However, if children need to use the computer to finish their homework, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to accomplish it.

That is because they may spend their time on social media sites.

Parents can now install filters on their computers to ensure that their children do not access amusement sites when they should be doing something else.

Conversely, parents can limit the amount of time children spend on the Internet when they are free to explore as they please while simultaneously ensuring that they are protected from coming across pornographic websites.

Identity Protection for Students and Teachers

Because of the versatility of programs on tablets, one of the valuable benefits of educational technology is a rise in interaction. Tablets allow teachers to create more adaptive lesson plans by tailoring tasks and games to students’ learning paces.

Customization necessitates the storage of more personal data on tablets and a higher level of protection.

To avoid potential data breaches, institutions should only use tablets on a secure network and restrict any apps that can retain personally identifiable information about students, such as photos.

Countermeasures to Security Concerns

One of the most effective methods to address security concerns is to teach youngsters in a pleasant way how the Internet may be dangerous in some situations.

In this manner, parents and educators can increase awareness and help children understand how this instructional technology can have problems.

Learning how to use the Internet appropriately, much as there is educational support for students to learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, can be crucial.

Parents are sometimes the most computer illiterate members of the family.

Recognizing the threats that their children encounter might help them be more vigilant when using the computer.

Parents should monitor their children’s activities from time to time to verify that they are safe, and they can always check the history to confirm that their children are on the correct path.

Parting Note

The adoption of instructional technology is increasing across the country. Data security for students and instructors should always be the first consideration while using tablets and other devices in the classroom.

Educational technology, like anything else, might have drawbacks from time to time. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of these warning signs.

All you have to do is make sure you’re up to date on the various factors to consider while dealing with technology in today’s world. From there, you may rest assured that you will receive the future guidance you deserve.

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